Fitness By Victoria
Here's what people are saying about Victoria!

Victoria knows her stuff!

"I love how Victoria's workouts combine fat-burning with strength building so that you aren't just building muscle over fat, but actually burning off the fat while you build muscle."
-Becky August

"I needed to lose 25 pounds.  Victoria's energy and enthusiasm is what kept me coming back for more.  Towards the end of class, when you just don't think you can do one more set of anything, she cranks up the music and exclaims, "Brink it home, Mama!'  Victoria is inspiring, and yes, I lost those 25 pounds!"
-Terri Kelly

"I work with Victoria one hour twice a week, and I have become a new woman!  She pushes me to my fullest!  I always feel so great when our sessions are done.  Not only is she a fabulous trainer, she is one of the most inspirational, positive women I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  My life is so much richer because of Victoria!"
-Allyson Dayak

"Victoria's classes are very invigorating!  She not only uses all muscle groups while having fun, but she incorporates your mind and inner strengths as well, all with a smile!  She gets us laughing and forgetting about the doldrums of working out.  I also love receiving her informative e-mails regarding alternative health for your mind, body, and spirit."
-Jackie Kupert

"Victoria does an excellent job of explaining which muscles you are working so that you can properly target those muscles.  Her classes are FUN and they work!"
-Celia Battung

"Just when I think I can't do any more in one of Victoria's classes, she says, 'Yes you can!'  And somehow...I can!"

Victoria LaBouff-Lanza (949) 632-4836 
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